Fenebris India

Empowering Your Vision with Comprehensive Technology Services: Fenebris Brings Your Ideas to Reality through Tailored Service Packages.

Are you an Entrepreneur staring a new business and know a digital presence is in order, our service packages will be of your interest. With our passionate team, we listen understand and take a great amount of satisfaction by creating brands and their identities. A whole spectrum of UI design and marketing essentials, bundled together for the ease of implementation for you and of course to keep the cost down.

Brand Identity   
Logo1 Iteration3 Iterations5 Iterations
Brochure1 Iteration3 Iterations5 Iterations
Business Card DesignXXX
Investor Pitch DeckXXX
Backdrop Design1 Iteration3 Iterations5 Iterations
Digital Presence   
Website10 pages static siteStatic site with admin featuresDynamic website with user interactions
Listing on Relevant Directories3 Sites5 Sites15 Sites
Mobile AppXXIOS and Android
Business IdeationX3 RoundsUnlimited rounds
Technology ConsultingXXX
Go to Market StrategyXXX
Value proposition and BMCXXX
Digital Marketing   
Search Engine Readiness10 Keywords20 Keywords50 Keywords*
Keywords to be coveredXPreLaunchPreLaunch and Post Launch
Go to Market Strategy ImplementationXXX
Social Media PresenceXXX
Tech supportX50 Hours of Support/Year100 Hours of Support/Year
Server SupportX15 Hours of Support/Year25 Hours of Support/Year
Design SupportX50 Hours of Support/Year100 Hours of Support/Year
Marketing SupportX15 Hours of Support/Year25 Hours of Support/Year
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